Documentary and Photography Grants

The East Foundation is committed to funding or co-producing documentaries and/or photographic works that address the diverse and hidden stories that lie at the heart of the Korean diaspora. Our grants will support emerging and established independent filmmakers / visual artists interested in capturing the numerous idiosyncratic traditions and untold histories of Korean migrant communities present throughout the world. These projects could range from works focusing on, for instance, the lives of Koreans living in Cuba during the early 20th century, to films highlighting the rise of Zainichi Korean theatre and cinema, and so forth.

All genres and styles are welcome. We also encourage the use of home recordings, musical performances, archived photos, live interviews, manuscripts, and other primary sources. Our mission is to work alongside these artists and endow them with the opportunity to fully develop their creative objectives. There are several documentaries listed on our website that demonstrate and embody our Foundation’s goals and serve as examples for any aspiring applicants.

To qualify for a grant, applicants will be required to submit the following items: a directorial resume, a budget estimate, work samples, and a detailed project proposal. We have no strict threshold requirement or submission format, and we welcome submissions written in English from around the world. Please email your applications to Grants will be approved by the East Foundation after a thorough committee review.