Building relationship with people from different cultures and background is key to building diverse communities that are powerful and compassionate enough to achieve significant societal goals. To be successful and responsible citizens, you must be able to work with people from different racial, ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds. And learning about arts, culture and history of those people whose group you may know very little about is often the best way to build  relationships and appreciate other people’s ways of life.

The East Foundation’s mission is to promote greater knowledge and understanding of the people of Korea, across the fields of arts, culture and history.  In keeping with our mission, our fellowship provides financial support to college and graduate students whose pursuits deal with these and other areas of vital interest to the people of Korea and their relations with the rest of the world. Our grants fund academic research (and visual arts projects) and support public events, such as exhibitions, workshops and/or publications of the Fellows’ work.

The review process for our fellowship programs is thorough and carefully managed. After an initial committee review, the strongest proposals are sent to successful and established external advisers. Based on the external adviser and committee recommendations, a limited number of proposals are funded each year.

If you are interested in Asian studies, the humanities and/or visual arts, the East Foundation encourages you to apply for a potential fellowship or internship role. As a fellow, you will be able to research and collaborate on diverse programs, ranging from topics like Korean diaspora in Latin America to the influence of Korean musical styles in Western compositions. We look forward to receiving your research interests and ideas.

Apply for Fellowship

All candidates must submit (1) curriculum vitae (2) detailed written summary of his or her research interest.  We have no strict threshold requirement or submission format, and we welcome submissions written in English from around the world. Please email your submissions to info@eastusa.org